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Dr. Katia Araujo, Psyd - Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
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Are You Experiencing Burnout, or Is It Just Work Stress? The three key signs that will tell you when you're burning out.

Hello all.
Living in this cray world as we are, it is important that we keep informed about  how our cognition affects our emotions and the results of this equation. Here is a good article I found on www.psychologytoday.com  
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The Obsession with Beauty

In a new book, Northwestern University professor Renee Engeln argues that today’s “beauty sick” culture is distracting girls and women from more important goals.



My name is Katia Araujo.  I obtained my Masters, Doctorate and Post Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University (NSU), Fort Lauderdale Fl.

 I’ve tailored my education to gain specific training in the following areas:
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Medical/Health Psychology
  • Transplant Psychology.
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Community Mental Health Psychology
  • Personality
  • Psychological Profile

I am a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and Trainer specialized in Mood and Anxiety disorders, relationship issued, and addiction.

Hello All!!!

Hello All.
I am happy to start this blog and engage you with information I feel important to our emotional wellbeing. This blog will work as a general guide to topics and conditions presented in private practices around the country. This blog is meant for "General Information" only. It is not meant for therapy or diagnosis of any kind. I will post different articles about psychology and mental health I find interesting, easy to read, and relevant to our general interests regarding relationships, biosocial situations, behavioral and emotional challenges.
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Are You Experiencing Burnout, or Is It Just Work Stress? The three key signs that will tell you when you're burning out.
The Obsession with Beauty
Hello All!!!


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